SEO for Trades Strategy

SEO for Trades Strategy

As part of your SEO for trades strategy, first and foremost you need to think about your customers and put content on your website that talks to them. It is not all about adding good key words to improve your site's rankings. The idea is to narrow down and target just one or two keywords that your customers would use in search engines like Google and use them in a way that the content on the page remains relevant and informative. 

Remember, as a trades person, you know your trade well, but chances are, your customers do not! Therefore it is your job to educate your customers by giving them relevant, helpful and informative information so that you become their expert trades person.

Once you know a specific job you are going to inform them about it’s time to focus more on its optimization. It’s no good creating great content if you don’t get people to read it. That’s why you need to optimize your content so that it reaches higher in search engines results pages like Google.

You should not add lots of key words (know as key word stuffing) to your website pages just to appeal to search engines. Search engines like Google have become way too sophisticated to reward these outdated SEO for trades techniques.

Therefore, keeping the pages on your website relevant, helpful and optimised can help you increase the traffic to your site.

Finding the right balance between your pages content and SEO will gain you best results. Just remember, humans first then search engines last...

In our next blog post we will be writing about how to not just increase traffic to your site, but increase the "right" traffic to your site which will increase your actual website referrals.