Blog ideas for trades people

At SEO For Trades, we are more than aware that almost every trades person finds it difficult to come up with inspiration for blogs on their websites. We would suggest you try following our guide below:

Try to post a blog/landing page on a regular basis. The important thing is to keep it regular, so keep it realistic. For example, it is better to post one blog at the same time each month than 2-3 the first month, 1-2 on month 2, 1 on month 3 then 1 every couple of months and so on......

SEO for Trades Strategy

As part of your SEO for trades strategy, first and foremost you need to think about your customers and put content on your website that talks to them. It is not all about adding good key words to improve your site's rankings. The idea is to narrow down and target just one or two keywords that your customers would use in search engines like Google and use them in a way that the content on the page remains relevant and informative.